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Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2006 18:25:54 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
From: Ruth D. Bundy or Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
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Members of the Judiciary Committee:

A case is filed presently with the Supreme Court of the United States and the Petitioners, non attorneys, asked the Court and any Government Official to call for a full felony investigation for perjury reported at several levels below the USCT.

On October 20th ALL REPLY BRIEFS ARE DUE but the problem lies with NO FBI, FDLE, HCSO arrests as the suspects reported are a State Court alleged Judge, TWO BAR members of the Court who are attorneys plus their clients and an expert Witness Dr. Bruce Welch, M.D. who all lied like a rug and the transcripts provided proved Perjury Under Oath in a Trial.

Judicial Immunity or immunity does not exist in existing Federal or State Law and is the responsibility of the Congress to address this issue to correct years of mistakes much like HIDING PRIESTS RAPING YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN as was done years ago. NOW Rape and Enticing are Federal Laws and State Laws which are strictly enforced. PERJURY on the other hand is a silent 'dirty little secret' that all BAR/JUDICIARY have used for years and never been challenged or corrected. Today the headlines indicate several members of Congress have called for full investigation of E-MAILS to pages and each of you have a duty and obligation under Federal Law to REPORT ANY FELONY to a judge or other appropriate officials so an investigation and arrest may be made.

Petitioners Ruth D. Bundy [76] and Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. [65] merely call upon ALL elected Officials to have the FBI enter Hillsborough County Circuit Court Case 98-8569 Division I, Second District Court of Appeal Case 2D 02-5449, Supreme Court of Florida Case SC 04-480, Federal Court Middle District of Florida Case 8:04-civ-T-23TBM, 11th USCA Case 05-15938-AA and finally U.S. Supreme Court Case 06-382 BEFORE the statute of limitations RUNS OUT.

It is a criminal act to inform the members of Congress that a FELONY has been committed known as perjury but the evidence is overwhelming and prima facie proof exists to ARREST the suspects or specific Respondents in the U.S. Supreme Court Case 06-382 or NO ONE IS SAFE FROM THE JUDICIARY IN AMERICA!

Go to  and scroll down below the VIDEO and see the IMMUNITY case with links for full PDF downloading of the Corrected Petition and Corrected Appendix. Send me an e-mail and we can send to you in PDF IF UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD.

As elected officials you might look at the AMERICAN PLAGUE OF 2006 information on that site. New TV series JERICHO seems to give all insight into what can happen when those clouds of radioactive fallout or particles travel great distances. THE SKULL AND CROSSBONES BANNER allows you to see how hundreds of thousands of American Veteran's may be contaminated and no one has tested them. Some 20 Million people may die with this DU contamination... but at least the GAS prices will go below $1.00 per gallon. Hopefully such scenes as JERICHO will not play out. No false VIDEO on the TV of a moon landing with a waving flag will be tolerated involving WMD or DU contamination! No BUNKER is large enough to handle the selected GROUP who will go underground in a Nuclear contamination and actually 4.5 Billion Years is too long even for the imagination to think one would survive except the few launched into space!

Pray Dr. Doug Rokke and others who keep harping on this Depleted Uranium use and world contamination by our selling and using this deadly WMD in theaters are WRONG.

Pray the ENEMY does not intercept some of that Depleted Uranium shells for smaller calibers below BOMB level. Our TANKS and MILITARY know first hand of the effects and no WAR machines can stand up to same. The ones with the most sophisticated weapons RULE! Be sure WE have it instead of the Enemy!

Free Advice: Remember: Your COFFEE POT is a great source for Distilled Water. Drink it! The World's Water sources, food sources, air and earth may be contaminated so prepare the MOON or SPACE PLATFORM for key people and have plenty of RAMEN NOODLES to go around as all else will be destroyed or contaminated. Watch JERICHO ! It may be coming soon to your area!

Please notify your contacts with the Federal Bureau of Investigation letting them know Cases were opened with the Florida Department Of Law Enforcement and Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office as indicated.... but investigation was STOPPED OR QUASHED by BAR members citing immunity exists when in fact it does not by the RULE OF LAW in this Nation. Please help two old senior citizens get this matter properly investigated and the felons arrested timely.

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
a decorated Veteran of One
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042
6:25PM Eastern 11:25PM ZULU

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