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Noreen Gosch still mum on 'Jeff Gannon'
Monday, March 07, 2005

On the Thursday, March 3 edition of "A Closer Look" radio program, host Michael Corbin and former NYPD detective Jim Rothstein, who have known Noreen Gosch for several years, confirmed that as late as that morning she had refused to confirm or deny her belief that the man known as "Jeff Gannon" is indeed her son, Johnny Gosch. Gosch was kidnapped an espionage/sex-slavery ring at age 12 in 1982 and briefly made visited his mother in 1997. LISTEN.


In 1989, Paul Bonacci confessed to his attorney, John De Camp, his part
in the kidnapping of 12-year-old Johnny Gosch on September 5, 1982, in
West De Moines, Iowa, a highly publicized missing child case. Paul
Bonacci was 14, almost 15, years old at the time.

Rusty Nelson also testified in U.S. District Court, Omaha Nebraska, on
February 5, 1999, that one of the victims in the Franklin case was
Johnny Gosch.

Noreen N. Gosch, Johnny's mother, received almost no assistance from
the local West De Moines police or the FBI in investigating her case.
She held a press conference and received her first death threats. One
male telephone caller said, "Stop making waves or you will die". Noreen
Gosch now realizes she had begun "knocking on the door" of the Franklin
satanic cult/sex/drug ring case.

Noreen Gosch obtained private investigator Dennis Whalen who had solved
a missing child case in Carter Lake, Iowa. While investigating the Gosch
case, Whalen told Noreen Gosch of a slave auction in Houston, Texas. He
asked her "Would you go $50,000 to buy your son back, if he goes across
the auction block?" Noreen Gosch borrowed the funds. Unfortunately,
Whalen informed Noreen Gosch that Johnny was not at the Texas auction.
Whalen was discovered as helping Noreen Gosch and was forbidden from
attending other auctions.

Noreen Gosch reports that within six months of Johnny's kidnapping, a
young man named Paul Bishop contacted her. He came to Des Moines and
identified himself as CIA. He told Noreen that an international
kidnapping/pornography ring kidnapped Johnny. He told her Johnny was
still alive and being sexually used in pornography, prostitution, and
perversion. He said he wanted Noreen's help. Noreen Gosch replied,
"How can I help you, what does the CIA want with me?" He replied, "We
need one stable parent in this situation, to act, when directed to speak
out to the public as to what happened to your son."

Noreen Gosch doubted who he was. To convince her, he produced a
complete dossier of her entire family including those who have died.
She was given a code name of "Firefox" for him and a phone number to
contact him. She learned that Bishop's location was Langley Air Force
Base, CIA Headquarters.

Paul Bishop arranged for Noreen Gosch to testify in August 1984, at the
"Organized Crime Senate Hearings"in Washington, D.C., before Senator
Specter. Books were made available by the FBI showing children in a
Sears Roebuck type of catalog offering children for sale.

Noreen Gosch reports Paul Bishop eventually vanished without a trace.
Suddenly the phone number was no good.

Noreen Gosch reports that it was to be years before she learned that
the CIA was part of the International kidnapping and pornography ring.
She and others have attempted to obtain copies of the catalog of
children for sale and, "There has never been a single reply to any
request to produce this document". She also attempted to obtain from the
Washington Press Core photographs from the hearing, also with no
success. Noreen Gosch reports that Paul Bishop was in his early 20's and
called her, "Mom". She now wonders if he was one of the "lost"

Noreen Gosch founded "The Johnny Gosch Foundation", a month after the
kidnapping and developed a program called "In Defense of Children".
Noreen Gosch wrote the "Johnny Gosch bill", which was passed into law in
Iowa on July 1, 1984. A year later, Missouri as well as seven other
states adopted the bill and passed it into law. This law, which is
still called "The Johnny Gosch Law", provides the immediate involvement
of police when a child is missing, instead of the previous 72 hour
policy of waiting.

Terry Dunn Meurer, with Dave Bell Associates at that time, and now with
"Unsolved Mysteries" produced a documentary called "MISSING", which
included the story about Johnny and three other children who were
missing. Some of these children were found dead and the others are still
missing. That documentary was aired in 1983 on HBO.


Following Paul Bonacci confessing in 1989 to his part in the kidnapping
of her son, Noreen Gosch met with him. Bonacci told her that her son
was taken into a "ritual abuse/mind control program called the Monarch
Program". He said that the children taken were used for pornography,
prostitution and various other forms of abuse and control. This program
was started and sanctioned by our government under the CIA MK-Ultra
mind-control program, a cold war covert operation beginning after World
War II following Operation Paperclip. In Operation Paperclip United
States Intelligence brought over hundreds of Nazi scientists to further
develop their mind control techniques and human robots developed in the
concentration camps for the purpose of assasination, prostitution, drug
smuggling, and other covert intelligence operations. (See web-sites on
mind control below in section on Michael Aquino)

Paul Bonacci told Noreen Gosch that Johnny Gosch was living in hiding.


Johnny himself, came to see his mother in March 1997, then 27 years
old. He confirmed all that Paul Bonacci had told her of the case and
asked for her helping in bringing justice. He shared the names of
people who were responsible. Finally after all these many years, Noreen
knows the "who, how, and why" of her son's kidnapping. She vowed to
her son she would do something about this and set about in a plan to
bring the entire story out. She realized that she must keep her promise
to her son and not reveal that he had been to her home. He had begged
her not to share that unless it was absolutely necessary.

Noreen Gosch kept this confidential until March of 1999, when she
appeared in court to testify for Paul Bonacci, who had been vindicated
by a Federal Court order and allowed to bring a civil suit against Larry
King. Noreen, while on the witness stand was asked by John DeCamp, Paul
Bonacci's attorney, "if she had ever seen or talked to her son in all
the years he had been missing". Being under oath at the time, she had
to answer with the truth. This led to a huge onslaught of press
coverage. Some people believed her and others made vicious attacks upon
her character, calling her everything from a liar to crazy. The
faithful who know her and followed this story knew differently. This
led to another appearance on "Inside Edition" and other network TV


Based on Noreen Gosch's investigative sources, she recently learned
that her son is still alive and in hiding. He is afraid of being killed
to prevent his testimony and he is afraid of being charged for crimes he
was forced to commit by his abductors and in his efforts to flee his
abusers. Johnny Gosch now 30 years old.

Noreen N. Gosch's continued goal is to bring out the truth on Johnny's
kidnapping and is prepared to do whatever is necessary, including radio
and television shows, magazine and newspaper interviews. Noreen N. Gosch
can be reached by phone at 515-221-3220 and by Email at


On June 22, 2000, Noreen Gosch informed me, Ted Gunderson, that in
mid-June, 2000, she met at length with Gary Caradori's widow, Mrs. Sandy
Caradori. Mrs. Caradori told Noreen Gosch that within two months of Mr.
Caradori being killed, he told her that he had received information on
Johnny which led him to two prisons to investigate further. Upon
returning home from these investigations, he told his wife, "I know what
happened to Johnny Gosch, the boy is still alive, I'm going to call his
parents." To her knowledge, he did telephone the Gosch home. Noreen
Gosch indicated that Mr. Caradori must have spoken with Mr. Gosch,
Johnny's father, who in turn kept the information about Johnny being
alive from his wife, Noreen.

Noreen Gosch reports that she now knows that Mr. Gosch is connected to
the Franklin case. She is on the process of formally releasing this
information to the press. She has already provided this information in
detail to many concerned parties.


Following Bonacci's 1989 confession to participating in the kidnapping
of Johnny Gosch, investigators for the television show, "America's Most
Wanted", began working with the investigators for Noreen Gosch and
prepared to televise the story.

Noreen Gosch testified in U.S. District Court, Omaha Nebraska, on
February 5, 1999, (the Bonacci suit against Larry King) that within one
or two weeks of the "America's Most Wanted" story airing, "the FBI in
Quantico, Virginia contacted America's Most Wanted and told them to kill
the story. They did not want the Johnny Gosch story broadcast". John
Walsh aired the story anyway. When John De Camp asked Noreen Gosch if
she knew why the FBI wanted to kill the story, Noreen Gosch responded:
"Well, of course. It would have opened up the biggest scandal in the
United States, bigger than the Iran Contra story. Bigger than President
Clinton's infidelities."


ABC's "20/20" contacted Noreen Gosch in 1997, asking to do a one hour
special program
called "The Johnny Gosch Story". The documentary was intended to depict
the 17 year journey of Noreen Gosch in her search for her son, Johnny.
In the process of her investigation, Karen Burnes of "20/20" uncovered
45 other victims of child sexual abuse, satanic abuse, and kidnapping,
several of whom knew Johnny and were with him on many occasions.

One of the victims interviewed in this show is the almost 30-year-old
son of Antoine Szandor La Vey, founder of the Church of Satan, author of
the "Satanic Bible". During this interview, Antoine La Vey's son said he
was with Johnny Gosch several times and Johnny saw him several times. La
Vey's son told "20/20" that his father, Antoine, had castrated him. The
only reason he was willing to talk to "20/20" was because his father was
dead and he no longer feared him.

Karen Burnes also interviewed many CIA MK-Ultra Mind Control survivors,
including a number of interviews with Brice Taylor (a pen name; her real
name is Susan Ford), who has published two books detailing her
experiences ("Starshine: One Woman's Valiant Escape from Mind Control",
1995, and "Thanks for the Memories...The Truth has Set Me Free: The
Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind Controlled Slave",
1999, available through On June 23, 2000, Brice Taylor lost
her daughter to state conservatorship based, in part, on her accounts
of satanic abuse, CIA mind control programming, and high-level
government corruption (see section below).

Karen Burnes and the film crew all had to sign a "hold harmless clause"
absolving ABC of any liability if any of them were to be killed during
the process of telling this story. To our knowledge, never before had
any producer and crew been forced to sign such an agreement.

The Johnny Gosch Story was scheduled for airing April of 1998, but was
postponed four times. Now Karen Burnes is apparently very ill and
hospitalized with a disease of unknown origin. She remains extremely
ill. Before departing for medical leave, Karen Burnes informed Noreen
Gosch that Frank Snepp, who Gosch claims is a former CIA agent, would
be taking over the investigative reporting for the show.

Frank Snepp claimed the documentary had no validity unless Johnny was
turned over to Congressional protection. However, many congressmen and
other politically elite have been accused by Franklin abuse victims and
other victims (including Brice Taylor) of being their owners and
handlers under circumstances that have re-established slavery in this
country on the part of the ruling elite.

For about 6 months, Ira Rosen, Senior producer with "20/20" was unaware
that Frank Snepp had taken over the investigatory reporting for the
show. He was outraged when he heard the news.

Noreen Gosch was then informed the show would be "on the shelf"
indefinitely. Approximately,$300,000 has been spent on this one hour
special and it sits on a shelf at ABC's "20/20". Frank Snepp had a
great deal to do with the halting of the TV special on Johnny Gosch. He
claims to be a former CIA agent. Once CIA, always CIA!


Antoine La Vey founded the Church of Satan in 1966. He wrote "The
Satanic Bible" in 1969 (New York: Avon Books). Michael Aquino was one of
its leaders. Michael Aquino split from Antoine La Vey in 1975 and in the
same year, founded his own satanic organization known as the Temple of
Set , according to a document of the California "Office of Criminal
Justice Planning: Research Update, State of California, Volume 1 (6),
Winter, 1989-1990" entitled "Occult Crime: A Law Enforcement Primer".
Aquino has written "The Book of Coming Forth by Night"

Noreen Gosch found out that Michael La Vey was involved in the crimes
perpetrated against her son, Johnny when Noreen Gosch met with Paul
Bonacci in the Nebraska prison in 1991.

Bonacci described to her the kidnapping and sexual abuse of Johnny. He
named the parties involved in the actual kidnapping. He said a man
named Sam brought pictures of Johnny to a motel room the night before
the kidnapping, indicating that this was the boy they were to "grab" the
next morning. At a later time, Bonacci correctly identified a picture of
Sam Soda of Des Moines, Iowa, from a line-up of 20 photographs, as the
man who brought the photograph of Johnny to the motel. Bonacci also
indicated Sam was there watching as Johnny was repeatedly sexually
abused while being photographed. (Rusty Nelson reported Sam Soda as the
man who introduced him to Larry King.)

Bonacci told Noreen Gosch that 14 days after Johnny was kidnapped,
known Satanist Colonel Michael Aquino came to the house outside of
Sioux City Iowa, where Johnny had been kept since the kidnapping.
Michael Aquino, then a Colonel in the Army, paid several thousand
dollars to the kidnappers, took Johnny and left for Colorado with him.

In March of 1998, when Johnny Gosch came to his mother's home in the
middle of the night, he told his mother about his abduction and named
Colonel Michael Aquino as a central perpetrator. Aquino was then an
officer in the military reputedly in charge of "Operation Mind War" for
the U.S. government. "Operation Mind War" was a sub-project of "Project
MK-Ultra" which grew out of "Operation Paperclip". "Operation Paperclip"
was a covert operation in which large numbers of Nazi scientists were
brought to the United States from the Nazi death camps of World War II
to learn from their techniques of torture, drugs, hypnosis, mind
control, and genetic experimentation for covert operations.

Aquino has claimed to be the son of a Nazi S.S. officer. The "MK-Ultra
Mind Control
Program" was supposed to be discontinued as a result of a 1977
Congressional hearing and report. However, there is overwhelming
evidence that this project and its derivative continue on a wide,
international scale at present. For web-sites on mind control
programming, see:

Psychologist, Corydon Hammond Ph.D.'s Greenbaum speech at:

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