by Brian Downing Quig

Pamela Digby, sweeps up the rice in a church where a wedding has been --- only in Pamela's case the wedding has probably been hers. Keeping the name of her last husband, Averell Harriman, Pamela Digby Harriman is as you read this the hottest socialite in Washington, D.C. In politics, as in marriage, Pamela is well noted for picking the winners. Her latest protege, Bill Clinton, is more than thrilled to be her latest lap dog. And all this time the professional liars of the mass media created concern in the mind of the public about Hillary.

Readers interested in the shocking sex scandal involving Averell Harriman and Pamela when she was the daughter-in-law of Prime Minister Winston Churchill should see last month's article, BUSH CAMP FINANCES CLINTON CAMPAIGN. One version of this affair has 20 year old Pamela parked by the Rothschilds to keep an eye on the Churchill clan during the critical years of WW II. At any rate Pamela had a well publicized torrid affair with the fabulously wealthy Ellie de Rothschild just after her marriage to Randolf Churchill. Pamela is the original "material girl". Born into a family of great wealth Pamela would not think of dating anyone with less than $100 million.

With Pamela's new found social prominence the spot light falls again upon the hidden super elite who have been managing world affairs beyond the purview of the public eye. I can not think of a better illustration. By simply unraveling the financial dealings of Pamela's relatives it becomes possible to understand how a small elite could back both sides during WW II, turn on the Cold War during the Truman administration and turn it off during the Bush administration and become ever stronger in the governance of world affairs. As an example take Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt --- both cousins! And good old Harry Truman who everyone assumed came from common ordinary stock --- a cousin of the Rockefeller brothers! Another Rockefeller cousin is Princess Di. At the highest levels of power they are all cousins --- and most shocking of all --- it has been that way for thousands of years.

According to John Galt, author of the soon to be released THE GENEALOGY OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER, there is nothing new about the NEW WORLD ORDER. The same families have been pressing forward with the same goal for thousands of years. While initially finding this manuscript to be preposterous, I was forced into seriousness when it was demonstrated that this work was foundationed in solid agreement with the MORMON FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY --- the world's largest and most complete collection of genealogical records.

According to Galt the central purpose of the NEW WORLD ORDER is to implement an ancient scheme for world domination through a ONE WORLD ORDER foundationed on a ONE WORLD CENTRAL BANK. This plan goes back as far as the Temple of Solomon and perhaps farther. It is possible that the prophets had first hand knowledge of this plan.

It is Galt's contention that the driver of world trade in ancient times was the simple arbitrage of gold and silver. In the West the ratio of the value of gold to silver was one ounce of gold to 12 ounces of silver. In China, India and the East the ratio was one ounce of gold to 6 ounces of silver! Clearly then there were enormous profits for those who transported silver east and gold west. The dead center of this trade was Jerusalem.

Informed readers are aware that in 66 A.D. Palestine revolted against Roman rule and four years latter the legions of Titus razed Jerusalem and sacked the Temple, currying back to Rome the Holy of Holies. In 1099 European nobles led by Godfroi de Bouillon succeeded in capturing Jerusalem and moved into the king's palace which was built upon the foundations of Solomon's Temple. In 1118 Hugues de Payen, a vassal of the count of Champagne founded the ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS TEMPLARS as an elite guard who wore white tunics with the red cross. In the book HOLY BLOOD HOLY GRAIL, church scholars Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln put forward this information which relies on some of the same data as Galt's thesis.

There is simply no way to do justice to 2 thousand years of history in such a short article as this so let us cut to the chase. There is reason to believe that the KNIGHTS TEMPLARS were created and directed by another secret society which has existed even to this day. This secret society was and is known as the Priory of Sion. Remember I related how the Percy family (relatives of both George and Barbara Bush) hatched the ill fated "Gunpowder Plot" to blow up the British Parliament from their castle known as Sion House? The German pronouncement of Sion is Zion. The KNIGHTS TEMPLARS founded the TEUTONIC KNIGHTS who were the backers of Martin Luther. And it was the Priory of Sion that founded the FREEMASONS and the ROSICRUCIANS (all this according to HOLY BLOOD HOLY GRAIL).

Not only are George and Barbara Bush descended from Godfroi de Bouillon but there is the claim that Bouillon was a direct descendant of Joseph of Arimathea who was of the Davidic line which made Bouillon a legitimate claimant to the throne of Jerusalem! This line of "holy blood" is purported to have been passed down through the Merovingian kings. If this is sounding farfetched to the reader it is worth noting that Otto Von Hapsburg, heir to the United Kingdom of Europe, and of the Merovingian line, carries the title HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR AND KING OF JERUSALEM.

Here is the story line that runs through both HOLLY BLOOD and GENEALOGY. Joseph of Arimathea was the uncle of the Virgin Mary (both therefore of the Davidic line). Joseph of Arimathea possessed one of the largest fleets in the Mediterranean doing a vigorous trade in metals. The tin mines of Cornwall in great Britain were part of his domain (tin plus copper = bronze). In my many readings of the Bible this background figure never registered in my conscienceless. But it was in the private garden of Joseph of Arimathea that our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified and in the tomb of Joseph that He was placed. It is highly synchronistic that this is one of the cites that Larry Bates selected for his tour of the Holy Land.

Both afore mentioned books purport that after the crucifixion Joseph fled to the southern coast of France with Mary and the Magdalene to perpetuate a blood line. One version of the story has Jesus married with children. (I consider this unthinkable). What John Galt has added to the material of HOLY BLOOD HOLY GRAIL is the genealogical charts and an interpretation. I have seen two charts --- THE ROYAL DECENT OF GEORGE BUSH AND HIS 31 PRESIDENTIAL COUSINS and THE DECENT OF GEORGE BUSH FROM JOSEPH OF ARIMATHEA.

Now for the secrets of the FREEMASONS and these other secret societies that are "guarding the secrets of the Temple of Solomon". The KNIGHTS TEMPLARS were the "guardians of the Holy Grail". On the exoteric level school children are taught that this was some kind of cup. But if the syllables are split a bit differently "Sang Raal" in French translates to "Holy Blood"! This holy bloodline is what the Priory of Sion has dedicated itself to for more than 1,000 years. Many of the Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion are well known historical figures like Sir Isaac Newton and Francis Bacon. Today the Grand Master is a Frenchman named Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair.

Take note. The authors of HOLY BLOOD HOLLY GRAIL are up front in acknowledging that their work is highly predicated on material from the Priory of Sion itself. To say the least, I am most suspicious of all this. I would not publish this except that there are 7,000,000 Mormons who support the foundation that this thesis is built upon.

The theme of the movie, THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST, and the mega promotion of a rock star named Madonna, I suspect, are very related to this. What underlies all the disparate facts of this article is an intense spiritual warfare against the Christian faith which has all but succeeded in splintering and fracturing all earthly efforts to transmit the life giving message of Jesus Christ. FREEMASONS murdered the last Pope. Malachi Martin, who claims to be a confident of the present Pope, discusses in THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD the intentional destruction of the Catholic Church from within. This same guerrilla warfare has been directed at all

denominations attempting to mutate Christianity into something quite the opposite. We may all live to see true Christians thrown to the lions --- for indeed they are truly the only force left to resist the power so visibly concentrating in the small elite herein described.

But in all this turmoil, if we take one step toward God, He will take two steps toward us. Jesus proclaimed the worthiness of all God's creatures. Lucifer exulted the strong at the expense of the weak. Much of what passes for Christianity today can therefore be seen as Luciferian. The New Age openly exults Lucifer as do the FREEMASONS. Never has there been an age where it is easier for evil men to acquire wealth or more difficult for honest people to keep the rewards of their toil. It is as if a Creator has set up the ultimate test of character --- is it not?

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