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Execution Eye Witness - Susan Carlson, Media Witness: 4 min. 27 sec. "he appeared to be still breathing or what appeared to be shallow breathing, even after being pronounced dead and his eyes remained open".
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EXCLUSIVE By Cliff Lindecker


FLATHEAD LAKE, Mont. - Convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh

survived his "execution" and was spirited away as part of an intricately planned
govermenrt scheme to prepare him for his new life underground.
The covert CIA operation was organized weeks before the staged execution at the
U.S. Penitentiary at Terre Haute, Ind., according to longtime federal whistle-blower
Stewart Webb and others opposed to what they described as America's
"Shadow government" and the New World Order: "McVeigh never wanted to be executed," Webb told Weekly World News in anexclusive interview. "And he wasn't--he went out the back door."
Incredibly, sinister forces within the government were aware of the former Special Forces dropout's plans to bomb a federal building--and steered him to the Oklahoma City facility because they wanted incriminating government records that were stored there destroyed, Webb disclosed.
One hundred sixty-eight innocent people died on April 19, 1995, because sinister government leaders and bureaucrats wanted to demonize the burgeoning militia movement by linking ultra right-wing patriots to the bombing, and to get antiterrorism legislation passed quickly, he said.

The diabolical plan worked perfectly. Even though militias had no involvement in the terrorist act, they were viciously attacked in the press. "McVeigh hurt us," John Trochmann, founder of The Militia of Montana, told The Washington
Times in a telephone interview. "We don't beleive in violence. We're trying to get citizens to rally with us against the government."

According to the astonishing scenario drawn by Webb and other sources in three states, including former government agents, the scheme to save McVeigh's life was hatched after he refused to "walk the plank" and threatened to reveal the wider conspiracy. So the CIA arranged for the phony execution, and flew McVeigh from Terr Haute to a closely guarded island on Flathead Lake in northwestern Montana.

McVeigh 33, spent nearly ywo weeks enjoying the outdoors--and undergoing a series of silicone injections and other treatments from a CIA employed plastic surgeon to change his facial features.

Then he was whisked off to a new location, a highly placed contact told Webb.
"About 20 people were on him, they were heavily armed locked and loaded," Webb reported. "He even had his own food taster."
The Las Vegas--based investigator claimed the Bush family, the Clintons and other major players on the national political scene are deeply involved with other federal officials in large scale fraud against American taxpayers and other crimes.
Webb played major roles in exposing a series of national scandals, including the Silverado Savings and Loan debacle in Colorado; and the so-called Keating Five campaign contribution affair tied to the

Lincoln Savings deal in Irvine, Calif., that reputedly funneled hugh amounts of money to John McCain and other prominent U.S. Senators.

"But this is the only time I've ever encountered such massive resistance," Webb said of McVeigh's brilliantly executed excape from death.

These are some of the shocking facts and developments uncovered by Webb and other investigators, including current CIA employees:

**McVeigh did not act alone, and several players, including a pair of terrorists attached to the Iranian embassy in Mexico City, were involved in the bombing conspiracy.

One of the Iranians married a woman who worked at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building so he could use her to keep up-to-date on activities there. She was unaware she was being used and was killed in the bombing.

**The CIA and other federal agencies were tipped off in advance that "a lone ranger" named Timothy McVeigh was planning to bomb a federal building in either Omaha, Kansas City or Oklahoma City.

**CIA operatives and other federal agents working on the clandestine project steered McVeigh to the Oklahoma City structure because sensitive records tied to the scores of government scandals surrounding the Clintons and other national leaders were stored there.

Sensitive records collected during the investigation by Special Prosecutor Ken Starr
on the mystery deaths surrounding the Clintons, including the Vince Foster case, had been transported to Oklahoma City for safekeeping, according to Webb.

Additional documents relating to the Madison Savings and Loan, Twin Cities Bank, and other Clinton scandals--and drug-money laundering by high government officials--were also destroyed in the blast, Webb's investigation revealed.

**Plans for the killer to hide out at the Ted Turner ranch were scrapped when Webb's radio reports of McVeigh's survival turned up the heat, and he was moved to an isolated fishing cabin on the lake near Montana's borders with Idaho and British Columbia.

**A plastic surgeon gave McVeigh a series of silicone injections to change his features over a period of about two weeks. His fingerprints were also altered.

**After the identity change McVeigh was moved to an even more secure location--believed to be the super secretive U.S. Air Force Base north of Las Vegas known as "Area 51" to be further prepared for life underground. McVeigh was not trained as a regular CIA operative, but was a contract agent whose training
was with Special Forces. So he was reportedly taught how to keep a low profile, and trained in the language of his new home land--in a so-far unknown foreign country.

END---Weekly World News, September 18, 2001, Exclusive! by Cliff Linedecker

American Media---They got anthraxed September 2001


Excerpt: "Two years ago, I was told by a friend of mine that is an agent for MI-6, that Tim McVeigh would wave all of his appeals and want to be executed as quickly as possible. I have watched in horror as all that he has told me has come to pass. "He also told me that McVeigh's death would be faked, and that he would be taken to what is called a 'Valhalla Compound' as part of Project: Gaia, a super secret witness protection program set up for those in the world of international espionage." SEAN DAVID MORTON, Speaking on Art Bell COAST TO COAST, March 3, 2001

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