Blasphemy: IFCJ -Rabbi Eckstein

Tony Clifton
Blasphemy: IFCJ -Rabbi Eckstein
Mon Oct 13 00:10:18 2003

Blasphemy.- In English Law. Blasphemy is the offense of speaking matter relating to God, Jesus Christ, The Bible, or the Book of Common Prayer, intended to wound the feelings of mankind or to excite contempt and hatred against the Church by law established, or to promote immorality. Blasphemy consists in wantonly uttering or publishing words casting contumelious reproach or profane ridicule Upon God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, the Holy Scriptures, or the Christian Reiligion. Pat Robertson, the international fellowship of "christians" and Jews, Jerry Falwell , and John Hagee, Kenneth Copeland , and assorted blasphemers and socalled Christian Zionists , are committing acts of Blasphemy, on Talmudvision, on the internet, via radio, and publishing houses. A literal torrent of Blasphemy is emanating from this diabolical cabal, covinously bringing shame and misery on America, and all who allow such vile acts of Blasphemy to continue uncontested. II Corinthians 6:14 - Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath Light with darkness? The socalled International fellowship of christians and Jews are running a worldwide scam operation(on wings of eagles) similiar to Oliver Norths' Freedom Alliance, only much worse....Ignorance of Truth allows these vile serpents to steal from widows and destroy that which is Holy in the sight of the Almighty....Me Sword Hand is Getting Mighty Itchy Yahweh.

Christians 'Keep a Biblical Feast' in Solidarity with Israel

By Chris Mitchell
CBN News, Jerusalem

Oct. 18, 2002

Evangelicals travel to Israel to show solidarity as Jews celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. – Many Evangelicals are taking their show of support directly to Israel. The Christian presence there is definitely noticeable because of the lack of tourists during the last 2 years of terrorist attacks on Israel and its 'war on terror'.

Despite the danger, last month thousands of Christians gathered in Israel to celebrate the Biblical Feast of Tabernacles, with worshipful singing, dance and marching.

The International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem, the ICEJ, began celebrating the Feasts more than 20 years ago. During the past 2 years, it has been mainly Christians who braved the dangers in Israel to come to the Feast. Evangelical Christians-from all over the world-thus represent the largest group of supporters to visit Israel.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon personally addressed the Christians who had come from around the world and assembled in Jerusalem. He said, "Thank you for coming. Thank you for your solidarity with Israel."

A little later in his address, he said, to the cheers of the Christian audience, "I have a message I would like you to carry home. Send more of you to visit Israel!"

Christian participation in the Feast, despite danger, is a visible sign to many Jews of a growing Christian support for Israel.

David Parsons is the Public Affairs Officer of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. He said, "Israel is looking at the dangers around them in this era of weapons of mass destruction. The Jewish people are asking, 'Who's our friends?' And the answer they're finding is: Bible-believing Christians are the best friends they have."

During the Feast, the press took note of a dramatic rise in rallies around the world by Christians on behalf of Israel and Jews.

However, Donna Holbrooke, the Canadian representative of International Christian Embassy in Canada expressed alarm about growing anti-Semitism in Canada. She said, "We have to safeguard our Judeo-Christian values, our humanity. If we allow a group to be singled out, such as the Jewish people have been in Canada and worldwide, we are putting ourselves into jeopardy."

This kind of support has caught the attention of many Jews. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein is the founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. He said, "I see a greater enthusiasm and pathos on the part of Bible-believing Christians to stand with Israel and the Jewish people-in all sorts of ways: politically, financially, morally, every way. And I cannot but believe that God's Hand is in this."

Thousands of Christians joined in the Annual Jerusalem March during the Feast of Tabernacles.

For Zvi Gavoti, a Jew, and the Israeli liaison for the International Christian Embassy, the march represents the change in Jewish-Christian relationships. He said, "In the last several years, we've seen more and more Christians who really love Israel, because it is Israel and nothing more."

Many political and theological differences remain between Jews and Christians, but for now, and the foreseeable future, there seems to be growing common ground between Bible-believing Christians and the Jewish community.

Parsons believes this relationship will continue to grow. He said, "This is what I think we're going to find, more and more. It'll have it's own pace. Things might accelerate it. There are still considerations on the Jewish side about how quickly they want to form an alliance."

On the net:

"Israel rejects peace; defies world opinion” (The Spotlight, May 24, 2001) “Arafat rejected a deal in January 2001 that would have given the Palestinians 97 percent of contiguous territory on the disputed West Bank, all of the Gaza Strip, a capital in East Jerusalem, a $30 billion international fund to pay for resettling Palestinians in their own state and an international force in the Jordan Valley.” (San Francisco Chronicle, April 23, 2002)

“Arafat condemns suicide bombers” (The Sunday People, April 14, 2002) “Arafat not only doesn’t condemn suicide bombers, but praises them as martyrs and expresses the wish that he, too, will die a martyr” (Toronto Sun, April 7, 2002)

Israel discriminates against its Arab citizens (New York Times, March 25, 2002) “Israel’s one million Arab citizens have full civil rights (including voting)” (The Independent, March 22, 2002)

“UN Resolution 242 calls for Israeli withdrawal form territories occupied during the 1967 Israeli-Arab war, including the West Bank and Golan Heights.” (Washington Post, April 27, 2002) “UN Resolution 242 does not require a complete withdrawal from the West Bank. In fact, it calls for Israel to administer the territories it occupied in 1967 until ‘a just and lasting peace in the Middle East’ is achieved.” (Empower America, April 25, 2002)

“The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was founded in 1964 as a political body representing the Palestinians in their efforts to reclaim their country from the Israelis.” ( “The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was founded in 1964 – three years before Israel controlled the West Bank and Gaza.” (Empower America, April 25, 2002)

Israel’s casualties have not been substantial in the current Middle East conflict "Proportionately, Israel has suffered more casualties from this violence than the US did on September 11 (600, which in the US would be equivalent to 30,000)." - (The Jerusalem Post, March 21, 2002)

Blasphemers....Repent or Perish.

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